Moonrunners Adds Map, Tribes, and New Lore to Its Project

Moonrunners Adds Map, Tribes, and New Lore to Its Project
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Moonrunners, a CC0 NFT project launched earlier this week, just announced new tribes, a snippet of a map, and additional lore to its project today via Twitter. 

"Primordia is an ancient, fractured planet, home to the Hunter, Predator, Pack, Stealth, Roaming, and Brave tribes," the team tweeted. "Each with its own deep-rooted history and traditions, honed over thousands of years and spilled blood and hunger to survive the harsh landscape."

Also included in the map image is human civilization, which communicated to the wolves via Moonspeakers.

"A single Moonspeaker was permitted to live amongst each tribe, acting as a bridge between wolves and humans," the team continued. "Their deep knowledge of humankind proved vital in training wolves for the catastrophic war to come."

It seems Primordia is the world where Moonrunners live. And an impending war is coming soon.

View the map here.

Moonrunners also announced a mysterious riddle yesterday that has yet to be solved and a potential NFT holder perk earlier this morning.

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