Beeple Living Vicariously Through Degen Energy

Beeple Living Vicariously Through Degen Energy
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Beeple will release "Chapter 2 of the Nakamigo's Saga" if "crazy mofos" can push the new pixleated art collection to a 1 ETH floor. 

🧐Wait, What?

On the back of a major surge in Nakamigo floor price and Twitter timeline domination, Beeple built his latest Everyday, "Pray," in honor of the nascent NFT collection. 

His latest tweet indicates that if Nakamigos hit a 1 ETH floor price, he'll release another Everyday focused on the collection. 

📊 By the Numbers

Since Beeple's tweet, a notable uptick in both floor price and volume followed. According to data from OpenSea, Nakamigos are up more 24 percent in the last hour to near a 0.9 ETH floor price on more than 700 ETH in trading volume (a major 700 percent boost compared to the previous hour).

❗Why It Matters

Attention drives floor price in the NFT ecosystem and few are capable of sparking attention that Beeple commands. The artist has nearly 750,000 followers on Twitter all of which may be subject to another Nakamigos post in the face of the frenzy. 

🎤 Beeple Speaks

The artist urged users to be careful and reiterated that he owned zero Nakamigos NFTs, but merely is enjoying the ride from the sidelines. 

just to be even more clear, i don't even KNOW anyone who owns these so I'm not trying to pump my friends bags either. So why did I do this? As you probably gathered by now, I am personally not REMOTELY a degen myself, I invest in boring shit I believe in long term and then sit on it for years...but sometimes I like to live vicariously off of your crazy degen energy. 🤪❤️🤷 Again, be careful. 🙏Beeple

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