Dapper Labs, NBA Named in New Class Action Lawsuit

Dapper Labs, NBA Named in New Class Action Lawsuit
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The NBA, NBA Players Association, and Dapper Labs were named as defendants in a new class action lawsuit filed in the California Northern District Court for allegedly violating the Video Privacy Protect Act (VPPA) by sharing users' video consumption details without informed consent.

The Deets

  • Legal Details: Case No. 4:23-CV-05069 in California's Northern District Court
  • Identity Issue: Despite generating anonymous usernames for transactions, NBA Top Shot allegedly reveals user-specific video consumption details.
  • Meta Involvement: The platform supposedly has a “Meta Tracking Pixel” that shares data with Meta Platforms, Inc. (Facebook) for targeted advertising.

The Bulk

The newly filed class-action lawsuit alleges a major breach in user privacy for NBA Top Shot users. According to the suit, NBA Top Shot allegedly exposes personally identifiable information, including comprehensive records of users' video consumption habits by employing a "Meta Tracking Pixel" on its website, which, without the knowledge of users, gathers transaction data and sends it to Meta Platforms. Meta then allegedly utilizes this data to serve users with tailored advertisements. 

The act would potentially violate the Video Privacy Protect Act (VPPA) by sharing users' consumption details without properly informed consent by the user. 

๐Ÿง Wait, What?

The Video Privacy Protect Act (VPPA) was established to give users control over their personal information when engaging with video service providers. Essentially, it means that if you watch a video online, your viewing habits shouldn't be shared without your explicit consent.

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

The lawsuit was officially filed in the Northern California District Court yesterday, with the latest filing being recording today. More information is expected as the legal proceedings get underway. 

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