NBA Top Shot Announces 2.5M Moment Burn

NBA Top Shot Announces 2.5M Moment Burn

NBA Top Shot is going to burn more than 2.5M unsold moments from its vault, according to a blog post shared this afternoon.

According to the team, the moments being burned are "some of the most coveted" in Top Shot history. They were initially held back to give the team time to think through potential distribution mechanisms.

But noting the uncertainty in the trading market due to this held-back supply, they have made the decision to burn the moments.

The Moments to be burned include:

  • All 8,000+ unreleased Series 1 Common and Rare Challenge Rewards

  • All unreleased Series 1 Moments from the Got Game, Rookie Debut, Early Adopters, and Hometown Showdown sets

  • Millions of unpacked and unreleased Series 2 and Series 3 Base Set Moments

Some rare moments included in the burn include 3 of Zion Williamson's Rare Rookie Debut, 16 Ja Morant Series 1 Rares, 51 of Joel Embiid's Rare Top Shot Debuts, 14 of Devin Booker's Series 1 Rares, and more as thousands of "S1 grails" will be burned.

The moments will be permanently destroyed over the next 48 hours, in an act to preserve scarcity in these collections.

Note, they are sending rookie debuts and serials #1-99 to the Locker Room for future Trade Ticket packs instead of burning (no serials 1-99 will be burned). Top Shot Debuts and rookie debuts will be spared from the burn as well.

More about NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is the first officially-licensed sports collectible NFT project. Launched on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, Top Shot allows for the collecting and trading of NBA highlights, packaged as “moments.” Similar to physical trading cards, these moments can be bought in packs and come in different sets with different rarity tiers. By collecting moments and completing sets, users help build their “collector score.” Achieving a certain collector score may make you eligible for special access pack drops and other utility not yet explored. 

Disclaimer: The author or members of the Lucky Trader staff may own NFTs discussed in this post. Furthermore, the information contained on this website or the Lucky Trader mobile application is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as financial advice.
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