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NBA Top Shot Launches Crafting Challenges

After delays pushed back the launch of crafting, Top Shot officially unveiled the new feature at noon ET today. 

Crafting Challenges will enable NBA Top Shot users to use select and burn select Moments in order to receive a reward. Using a Moment in a Crafting Challenge permanently burns and removes the NFT from existence and supply on NBA Top Shot.  

The first crafting challenge for a special Ja Morant dunk Moment is now live and will be open for four days, ending at 1:00 p.m. ET on June 14.  

Users will need to burn 10 NBA Top Shot Moments of different types in order to earn the reward. To find the full list of Moments needed, visit the challenge page

Crafting Challenges will be listed inside the Challenge tab on, alongside Flash Challenges and the normal Challenges offered by Top Shot. 

The crafting feature comes shortly after Top Shot launched beta access to "offers," allowing select users to create bids on Top Shot Moments they'd like to add to their collection, instead of just paying market price. 

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