NBA Top Shot Releases Roadmap With Edition Sizes, Utility Updates

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NBA Top Shot Releases Roadmap With Edition Sizes, Utility Updates
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NBA Top Shot released its 2022-23 season roadmap earlier Monday morning sharing the amount of rare and legendary moments users will see this season, along with some utility in the form of free NBA tickets.

Top Shot also included information on how many Moments it expects the community to burn, as well as its Captains program, where it says it will send more than 700 collectors to NBA games this season.

Here are the updates from the blog post:

  • Legendary packs will be more scarce this season (not more than 9,950 Legendaries sold) and Legendary cards will not have edition sizes larger than 99. This season's "flagship Legendary set" will be limited to 50 plays.
  • Rare Moments will not have edition sizes larger than 999 and rare-tier will account for less than 2.79 percent of all Moments this year. The 2022-23 Metallic Gold LE will include just three players per team with an edition size of less than 400.
  • Each player will have only one Base Set Common Moment and the set will be limited to mint counts of 8,000 of the Moment. (There will be an additional 8,000 limited edition copies of the Moment in a copy of the Base Set called "Parallels.")
  • Rookies will have their Base Set Moment limited to 4,000 editions.
  • Burning will continue this season and NBA Top Shot expects five million Moments to be burned this season, in addition to the Moments burned through Challenges — which will also see new mechanisms including "Locking."
  • The Locker Room packs will include newly minted Moments.
  • There will be utility added to the Captains program: More than 700 collectors will be going to games thanks to free tickets. More on the Captain program here.





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