NBA Top Shot Releases Team Packs

NBA Top Shot Releases Team Packs
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NBA Top Shot introduced Team Packs, a new fan-centric collectible featuring exclusive "Explosion" and "Archive" Moments from NBA teams. 

The Deets

  • Exclusive Team Packs: Only players from a fan's favorite NBA team
  • New Moments: "Explosion" and "Archive" Moments, plus Rare Moments from Top Shot history
  • Limited Edition: Just 500 mint count Base Set Explosions from the ‘23-24 season
  • Unique Opportunity: Earn $100 in NBA Top Shot balance by collecting all 90 Explosion Moments

The Bulk

NBA Top Shot introduced Team Packs, a new initiative in the world of NBA collectibles. For the first time in both NBA Top Shot and NBA collecting history, fans can acquire a Pack guaranteed to contain only players from their chosen team.

Each Pack, priced at $4.99, is tailored to showcase 3 limited edition and officially licensed Moments, providing fans with a new collecting experience. These Moments include the brand-new historical Archive Moments, highlighting fan favorites, and Base Set Explosions from the 2023-24 season, limited to a 500 mint count.

Rare Moments spanning the history of NBA Top Shot also feature in these Packs, adding an element of surprise and rarity. This exclusive release means that the new Archive Moments and Explosions will only be available through Team Packs, making them a must-have for dedicated collectors.

🎬 Take Action

Users can explore those Moments that have already dropped here

🔜 What's Next?

A collection of Team Packs already went live, with more expected to be available during the respective team's next live game. 

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