NBA Top Shot Teases 'NLL Hardcourt' Game

NBA Top Shot Teases 'NLL Hardcourt' Game

NBA Top Shot has been working on a 3D game where players control basketball players on a court for nearly two years. While that product is still not released, "NLL Hardcourt" is coming by the start of the upcoming NBA season for Nine Lives Lounge members.

"Oh, and one last thing: We're working on a basic, weekly game exclusively for NLL members to play, coinciding with the NBA (and eventually WNBA) season," Rbspence wrote on Discord while discussing updates for the NLL community. "The working title is 'NLL Hardcourt.' I say working title because I'm almost positive we will be forced to change it. It'll have a weekly cadence with weekly and monthly prizes. We plan to launch it by NBA tip-off on Oct. 18."

Additionally, NLL members will be allowed to participant in weekly pack giveaways, new NLL Council assistant jobs, and a new trade-in 2.0 feature. 

"I would liken this to what the team channels are doing with a lot of their giveaways, restricting it to only those who have favorited that team," the team said. "Having a locked [Cool Cats Set] shows that you're here for the long haul, and we want to focus the trade-in program toward those who are committed to sticking around."

Nine Lives Lounge is reserved for collectors who have the entire Series 2 Cool Cats Set. 

More about NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is the first officially-licensed sports collectible NFT project. Launched on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, Top Shot allows for the collecting and trading of NBA highlights, packaged as “moments.” Similar to physical trading cards, these moments can be bought in packs and come in different sets with different rarity tiers. By collecting moments and completing sets, users help build their “collector score.” Achieving a certain collector score may make you eligible for special access pack drops and other utility not yet explored. 

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