Top Shot's 2023 NBA Playoffs Collectibles: Your Guide to The Champion's Path

Top Shot's 2023 NBA Playoffs Collectibles: Your Guide to The Champion's Path
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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Top Shot's exclusive 2023 NBA Playoffs collectibles experience: The Champion's Path. In partnership with the NBA and NBPA, The Champion's Path offers basketball fans a unique opportunity to collect and own their favorite player's best NBA Playoffs highlights as they happen.

With new collectibles called Redemptions, fans can now co-create NBA history by choosing their own adventure along The Champion's Path.

Ready to get started? Let's dive in!

The Champion's Path to the 2023 NBA Finals: A Unique Collectible Experience

The Champion's Path redefines the NBA Playoffs experience for fans and collectors by introducing Redemptions, a new type of collectible that puts you in control of the supply of each 2023 NBA Playoffs Moment. By owning a Redemption of a star player, you can help define the future of that player's 2023 NBA Playoffs journey on Top Shot.

The Champion's Path

It Begins With Playoffs Packs

Starting at 1 p.m. ET on April 17, you can purchase $10 "Dropping Dimes" and $29 "Three-Pointer" Playoffs Packs, each containing Redemptions. This will be the only drop dedicated to the Playoffs until June's Legendary Finals Drop.

Once these Packs are sold out, you can buy and sell Redemptions in the Marketplace.

Understanding Redemptions: A New Top Shot Playoffs Collectible

Redemptions are your key to crafting a unique NBA Playoffs collectibles experience, letting you own the Moments that showcase each player's pursuit of the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy.

With a fixed supply, only 5,000 total collectibles will exist for each Player Redemption and Wildcard Redemption. Each player could have up to four total 2023 Playoffs Moments, depending on how far they advance.

Owning a Redemption from The Champion's Path Set guarantees you access to any future 2023 Playoffs Moment of that player and team. The Moments get scarcer as the players and teams defeat their opponents and continue to the next rounds.

How to Get Redemptions

Redemptions can only be found in Playoffs Packs, available starting on April 17, and then bought or sold in the Marketplace. There are two types of Playoffs Packs available:

  1. $10 Playoffs Packs: These packs include 1 Redemption, along with two Common Moments from the NBA Regular Season.

  2. $29 Playoffs Packs: These packs include 3 Redemptions, along with seven Common Moments from the NBA Regular Season. The 3 Redemptions will feature 1 Player Redemption from a 1-4 seed in the Playoffs, 1 Player Redemption from a 5-8 seed in the Playoffs, and 1 Wildcard Redemption.

Participate in the 2023 NBA Champion's Challenge and Win a Trip to the NBA Finals 

The excitement doesn't stop with collecting Redemptions. Top Shot offers you a chance to earn additional prizes in the NBA Champion's Challenge and win an all-expense paid trip to the 2023 NBA Finals.

Introducing the 2023 NBA Champion's Challenge

Champion's Challenge

The 2023 NBA Champion's Challenge runs throughout the 2023 NBA Playoffs, inviting passionate fans and collectors to earn the ultimate Playoffs collectible from the team that wins the NBA Finals.

To win the 2023 Champion's Challenge, you must collect all 12 Moments + 3 Unique unused Redemptions of the team that wins the 2023 NBA Finals. By completing the challenge, you'll earn a limited edition 2023 NBA Champion's Challenge Reward, featuring a highlight reel of the champion team's Playoffs journey.

Buy Packs and Enter to Win a Trip to the NBA Finals

Every Pack you purchase in April (starting April 11) gives you one entry to win an all-inclusive 2023 NBA Finals trip.

Two lucky winners will be randomly selected, with one winning a trip to Game 1 and Game 2 of the NBA Finals and the other winning a trip to Game 3 and Game 4 of the NBA Finals, both for themselves and a guest.

To Sum Up

NBA Top Shot fans asked for a more fun platform, and the team at Dapper Labs delivered.

The Champion's Path to the 2023 NBA Finals offers basketball fans a unique and interactive way to engage with the NBA Playoffs through Top Shot. By collecting Redemptions and deciding which Moments to claim as the Playoffs unfold, fans can actively participate in shaping their own NBA Playoffs collection.

This innovative approach to NBA collectibles, combined with the chance to win an all-expense paid trip to the NBA Finals, adds a new dimension to the excitement of the NBA Playoffs for collectors. As the Playoffs progress, collectors will have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their collections based on their favorite players and teams' performances.

3 Strategies to Maximize the Value of Your Playoff Packs

Top Shot

Now, let's talk about how to make the most of this new collector experience.

Navigating the NBA Playoffs collectible landscape with a focus on value can be challenging, especially with the limited supply of 5,000 Redemptions for each player. To help you make the most out of your Playoff Packs, here are three strategies to consider:

1. Invest in Players and Teams with High Playoff Potential

One way to maximize the value of your Playoff Packs is by focusing on players and teams that are expected to advance deep into the Playoffs.

As a team progresses through each round, the Moments available for redemption become more scarce and potentially more valuable. By targeting players on strong teams, you increase the chances of owning valuable and limited-edition Moments.

2. Diversify Your Collection

While it may be tempting to focus solely on your favorite team or player, diversifying your collection can help increase its overall value.

By acquiring Redemptions from different teams and players, you can benefit from unexpected upsets or standout performances that might occur during the Playoffs. This strategy can also help you mitigate risks associated with injuries or underperforming teams.

3. Monitor Marketplace Trends and Act Accordingly

Keeping a close eye on the Top Shot Marketplace can provide valuable insights into the value of different Moments and Redemptions.

By monitoring trends and staying informed about player performance, you can make more informed decisions when trading, buying, or selling your Redemptions and Moments.

First Round Playoff Analysis and Strategies

Let's put these strategies to work in the first round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs. Here are three series to consider collecting:

Memphis Grizzlies vs Los Angeles Lakers

Strategy: Invest in Redemptions for both teams' top players to hedge your bets

With the series tied at 0-0 and the Grizzlies being slight favorites, it's difficult to predict which team will come out on top. To minimize risks, invest in Redemptions for both teams' star players. Acquire Redemptions for Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. from the Grizzlies, and LeBron James and Anthony Davis from the Lakers.

This approach provides a safety net, ensuring you have valuable Moments regardless of which team advances.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat

Strategy: Focus on the heavy favorite's star players, but keep an eye on potential upsets

Given the Bucks' strong odds (-1000) to win the series, it's advisable to concentrate on acquiring Redemptions for Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday.

However, don't completely disregard the possibility of an upset by the Heat. Keep an eye on the series' progress and marketplace trends. If the Heat start to gain momentum, adjust your strategy and consider investing in Redemptions for Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

Sacramento Kings vs Golden State Warriors

Strategy: Monitor marketplace trends and adjust your investments based on the series' developments

This series is quite close, with the Warriors being slight favorites despite the Kings currently leading 1-0. Instead of focusing solely on one team's star players, pay attention to the marketplace for fluctuations in the value of Moments for both teams' top performers.

As the series progresses, adjust your investments in Redemptions for De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis or Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson based on trends and the changing odds.


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