CryptoPunks Pendant Preview Shared

CryptoPunks Pendant Preview Shared
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A preview of one of the 248 CryptoPunks pendants from Tiffany and Co. was shared by Chain CEO Deepak Thapiyal on Monday.

Holders of NFTiff were reminded to "check your inbox" on Oct. 26 for a "first look" at their pendants, according to a tweet from Thapiyal, whose company handled the mint and redemption mechanics for the drop.

The preview image for the pendant for CryptoPunk No. 387 showed the front and the back of the item, with a list of the gems included in the piece.

The pendants minted for 30 ETH (about $48,560) back in August. There was 1,984 ETH in volume on the collection before the redemption window closed. 

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