NFTiff Redemption Window Closing Soon

NFTiff Redemption Window Closing Soon
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Update: The deadline for redeeming an NFTiff NFT has now closed. At the conclusion of the redemption period, 218 of the 250 NFTs were redeemed for physical CryptoPunk pendants, leaving only 32 as only NFTs, unable to be redeemed. The floor price for NFTiff NFTs is currently 24 ETH. 

Holders of Tiffany & Co.'s NFTiff NFT have until 9:00 p.m. ET to redeem their NFT for a physical CryptoPunk pendant according to the project website. 

While it was not necessary to own a CryptoPunk NFT to purchase NFTiff, only owners of a CryptoPunks NFT can redeem it for the physical pendant. 

The market for flippers and eventual redeemers has added volatility to the NFTiff floor price over the last week. Since minting at 30 ETH last Friday, the floor had fallen into the low-20s, and has been bought back up to 26.95 ETH at the time of writing. The 26.95 ETH floor price actually represents approximately a 13 percent gain over the last 24 hours according to our project rankings page

With just more than two hours remaining in the redemption window, 207 of the 250 NFTs have been redeemed for a physical CryptoPunk pendant. 

Haven't redeemed your pendant yet? Head to and connect your wallet to select a CryptoPunk for redemption ahead of the 9:00 p.m. ET deadline. 

The physical NFTiff pendants are expected to ship in early 2023. Tiffany & Co. partner, Chain, will verify ownership of the NFTiff NFT prior to shipping the physical pendant. If you redeem an NFTiff pendant, but then sell the NFTiff, your order will be automatically voided.


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