Tessera Introduces Nounlets

Tessera Introduces Nounlets
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Tessera is creating a shared application for Nouns, where holders can gain access to the Nouns ecosystem and receive their own unique derivative NFT called a "Nounlet," the company announced Wednesday.

There will be 100 Nounlets and holders of the ERC-1155 NFTs will be able to elect a delegate to handle the base Noun's governance rights, submit proposals, and also join the Noun's private Discord channel.  

"We want to provide users a fun, accessible, and simplified experience as a subDAO in NounsDAO," said Tessera's Deeze in a Medium article.

Tessera, formerly Fractional.art, announced a rebrand in August, to focus on creating "unique ownership experiences on a per-NFT collection basis," said founder Andy Chorlian in a message to Lucky Trader back in August.

Nouns, which auctions off one new edition a day, has a floor price of 78 ETH as of Wednesday afternoon. All of the proceeds from the auction go to the Nouns DAO treasury, which is community managed.

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