Popular CryptoPunks Holder Launches On-Chain, Metaverse University

Popular CryptoPunks Holder Launches On-Chain, Metaverse University
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Popular CryptoPunks holder and community member punk6529 launched his first on-chain, metaverse, university-level course today.

Participate via OnCyber here.

In October 2021, punk6529 posted a Twitter thread about his new open metaverse project called On A Pathway To An Open Metaverse.

"We are going to make a run at changing the arc of history," he wrote. "It is a Return of the Jedi vs the Death Star style mission. They have the money and the power. We mostly have our brains, our community and gm. But it might be just enough."

Part of that dream is now a reality with help from University of Nicosia and George Giaglis. And there is a Session 1 Powerpoint airdrop coming after the first class.

"We figured out the problem with the airdrop of the first class's presentation," UNIC Open Metaverse Initiative tweeted an hour ago. "Our 19,000 airdrops passed the platform limit. We will do it in batches, coming soon."

For now, the platform and its classes are not token-gated, but it is expected to be token-gated in the future. 

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