Jack Butcher Sheds Light on Opepfps

Jack Butcher Sheds Light on Opepfps
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Jack Butcher shared a detailed thread with more information on the underpinnings of the Opepen PFP

The Deets

Though nothing is final, Butcher did tip his hand at a few details for the upcoming PFP:

  • Checks ownership will not be a requirement, but ownership will be considered where it is the case. 
  • Opepens will not influence Checks supply or burn mechanics. 
  • Opepens will not be rushed and there is no official timeline. 

❗Why It Matters

The upcoming PFPs resulting from Opepens could represent a really unique development in a time in which major PFP brands are flailing. Moonbirds, Clone X, and Doodles are commonly cited as brands losing a grip on web3 and prices reflect the trend of sentiment surrounding the projects. Butcher has seemingly built the opposite in the last few months with Checks and Opepens, essentially free mints that hold values rooted in permisionless systems and innovation. If done right, could Opepfps fill a void left by the former blue chips? 

🎤 Founder Feedback

the goal is to create something that can function as a unique identifier, a piece of art, and a signal of participation/belief/enjoyment in a set of values that I would broadly define as permissionless creativity in an internet economyJack Butcher

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