Dingaling Sweeps Otherdeed NFTs

Dingaling Sweeps Otherdeed NFTs

Noted NFT collector Dingaling bought 37 Otherdeed NFTs on Tuesday using Gem. Dingaling paid more than 122 ETH (about $344,000) for 25 NFTs. 

Most of the sweep was of Tier 5 land. The floor on Otherdeed remains 3.7 ETH. 

More about Otherdeed for Otherside

Otherdeeds NFTs are land plot NFTs for use in the Yuga Labs' Otherside Metaverse project. Each Otherdeed NFT has select attributes, like sediments and artifacts, and corresponding tier rarities from 1-5. In addition to artifacts and sediments, select Otherdeed NFTs hold a special character called a Koda. An additional 100,000 Otherside NFTs are set to be released at a later date.

At the time of publish, Otherdeed for Otherside floor price sits at 1.7 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 180 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 3 sharp wallets have sold 6 NFTs and 2 sharp wallets have bought 4 NFTs in the Otherdeed for Otherside collection. Catch up on other recent Otherdeed for Otherside news here.

Recent Otherdeed for Otherside Sales

#5103sold at 10/02 5:10pm for3.93
#8682sold at 10/02 5:10pm for3.39
#18594sold at 10/02 5:10pm for1.82
#14634sold at 10/02 5:10pm for1.80
#64679sold at 10/02 5:10pm for1.69

Recent Otherdeed for Otherside Listings

#5141listed at 10/02 5:10pm for6.49
#85284listed at 10/02 5:10pm for3.89
#8682listed at 10/02 5:10pm for4.36
#48035listed at 10/02 5:10pm for2.18
#4099listed at 10/02 5:10pm for99.0
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