Thousands Explore Otherside Game As Volume Rises

Thousands Explore Otherside Game As Volume Rises
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More than 4,500 people helped test the tech demo of the Otherside Metaverse game Saturday were treated to an expansive environment, a treasure hunt, a boss battle and a teaser trailer for Kodas. 

The adventure began with a trip from the “infinity space” monochrome lobby through a portal onto an island where a giant, wise-cracking Curtis, the Hawaiian shirt and sea captain’s hat-clad Ape, and Blue, a Koda, guided users through tests of the games audio and load capabilities. 

From there, more Kodas appeared across the environment, allowing users (Otherdeed holders) to explore the rest of the island and break their chosen Koda out of “power crystals.”

Users also participated in a treasure hunt, receiving two clues: “What were Kodas like in the BC (Before Curtis) era?” and “Someone broke their glasses in NFT NYC, can you find them somewhere?” (One Twitter user said one solution was Wagmi-san’s glasses. Wagmi-san is the character at the center of the 10KTF Shop project.) 

After the treasure hunt, users were guided to a Boss Battle with an evil Koda, where they were guided on how to defeat the glowing-eyed creature.

Curtis then revealed a teaser trailer featuring a Koda being sucked through a portal.

The tech demo was well-received by participants and traders. About 13 minutes in, a user spent 395 ETH on Otherdeed land. In the past six hours there have been 153 sales of Otherdeed land for a total of 790 ETH. The floor price is also up 7 percent to 2.89 ETH.

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