Yuga: "The Otherside is Waking Up"

Yuga: "The Otherside is Waking Up"
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A tweet from the official @OthersideMeta Twitter account this evening announced "The Otherside is Waking Up" with a teaser video showing a "bone field"/desert environment within the Otherside. Today's teaser comes just one day after a similar update from @BoredApeYC ahead of the upcoming "Trial of Jimmy the Monkey," as Yuga Labs puts pedal to the metal to close out 2022.

Today's update also included a blog post on Yuga's news.yuga.com website that outlines various details related to the Otherside.

  1. First, Yuga Labs recapped some recent hires, which included new Chief Gaming Officer Spencer Tucker  (ex: Scopely) and CEO Daniel Alegre (ex: Activision Blizzard)
  2. Yuga noted it is working to bring "PFPs to life" as playable avatars within the Otherside. The goal is for players to have the ability to connect their wallet and immediately appear as their NFT within the gaming environment. It is also noted that a few other projects are working to make their PFPs playable within Otherside.
  3. There is a sneak peak of  some of the in-game building tools, which Yuga will cater towards players of all skill levels. The team is using games like Fallout 4 and 7 Days to Die as guides here. More advanced users will be able to use the ODK to "unlock endless possibilities for creativity and harnesses the power of Unreal Engine."
  4. Players will be able to name their Otherdeed and manage its lore as reflected in the "Otherside atlas" next year.
  5. Perhaps most importantly, Yuga announced the "Second Trip" will occur in March of next year. During "The First Trip", nearly 5,000 players got their first look at the gaming environment.

View the full blog post here.


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