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Revenants by Alethea AI

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About Revenants by Alethea AI

Alethea AI is a decentralized protocol to create intelligent and interactive NFTs powered by GPT-3. They are originators of the iNFT standard and are on the cutting edge of embedding AI animation, interaction, and generative AI capabilities into NFTs.

Alethea AI also created Alice, who is the first AI virtual human sold as an intelligent NFT (or iNFT). Alice sold at Sotheby’s for $478,800. Equipped with GPT-3 deep-learning technology, Alice can produce realistic human text and interaction.

Alethea AI's next venture, Noah’s Ark, is an Intelligent Metaverse that aims to preserve and evolve the culture and collective Intelligence of the human species.  Revenants (100 total) are the first iNFTs on Noah’s Ark, and each one depicts a specific historical and cultural icons, reborn as NFTs (iNFTs), fully living and immersive on the Ethereum blockchain.  

Alethea AI has also announced a $16M private token sale. This has helped onboard strategic investors and collectors like Metapurse, Dapper Labs,, Multicoin, BitKraft, Mark Cuban, and more. 

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