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About Toy Boogers

Toy Boogers is a collection of 3,333 hand-crafted cartoon characters stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to the project's backstory, a group of NFT fanatics attempted to physically transport themselves into the metaverse, but a booger got smeared on the teleportation machine's focusing crystal. This caused the machine to malfunction, and the NFT fanatics physical bodies were combined with the crazy avatars in their NFT collections. They now live in the metaverse and call themselves Toy Boogers. 

Toy Boogers is not programmatically generated, and all of the cartoon components are drawn and matched together without the help of artificial intelligence, or AI. 

Owning a Toy Boogers NFT grants holders the right to create and sell derivative works of their cartoon character. The NFT will also serve as a membership token to the Toy Boogers Crew, a members-only community.

The team consists of three members: Doug, Christian, and Drew.

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