Dropping Today: Lucréce's Defy Mosaics

Dropping Today: Lucréce's Defy Mosaics
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Lucréce's new "Defy Mosiacs" collection will drop today at 5:00 PM ET, according to a tweet from the artist last night.

❗Why It Matters

Lucréce's Proceed w/ Caution collection has been one of the more popular collections to drop in 2023, generating over 4,000 ETH in secondary trading volume on OpenSea. Today's Defy Mosiacs collection will likely be in high demand.

🔎 The Deets

  • The drop will be hosted by Async Art and indexed by SuperRare.
  • Defy Mosiacs will be a "generative 1/1 collection."
  • The collection will be free to mint, with a supply of 804.
  • There are 10 "legendary" editions included in the collection.

⚡ Take Action

  • Collectors who held a full set of Proceed w/ Caution NFTs during a snapshot taken last Saturday will be eligible to claim Defy Mosaics.
  • Eligible collectors will have 48 hours to claim their Defy Mosaics NFT, beginning at 5:00 PM ET today.
  • If eligible to claim, login to Async Market here once the drop is live.
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