Hold the Burn

Hold the Burn
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There will be no burn mechanism for Pepe Checks from VincentVanDough, according to a tweet from VVD. 

❗Why It Matters

Given the size of the collection - more than 230,000 NFTs - many had suspected that VVD would enable a burn mechanism like the original Checks collection. Burn mechanisms have been implemented for nearly every open edition of late, including from notable artists and collections like NessGraphics and KILLABEARS. While no burn means, no supply reduction - VVD indicated he is comfortable with the 12,000 unique holders building a Pepe Checks community. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Having 12k holders allows Pepe Checks to act as a powerful tool for community building and enabling distribution mechanisms.VincentVanDough

🔜 What's Next

Although no burn is coming, VVD did indicate that more news is coming this weekend. 

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