Isekai Meta Says 'Bug' to Blame for Duplicate NFTs

Isekai Meta Says 'Bug' to Blame for Duplicate NFTs
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Isekai Meta announced it is changing metadata on some of the NFTs in its collection after multiple duplicates — and sometimes those with 4-6 copies — showed up in its reveal Monday.

The project, which minted out July 25 and delayed its reveal twice in the past three days, said a “generation script” with a "bug" was to blame for the duplicates, in a Discord message Monday. Isekai Meta said it will replace the duplicate-trait NFTs with placeholders. Users can search for the duplicates in Lucky Trader's Asset Explorer.

“We will keep you guys updated. Thank you for your understanding, rest assured we will act on this fast and make sure all affected tokens get a quick and proper solution,” the project said in the message.

The floor price of the project, which was about 0.45 ETH before reveal, fell to less than 0.2 ETH while Discord members expressed their frustration with the duplicates — some members say they found more than 1,000 NFTs which were copies.

“The team took weeks to delay reveal at the last minute, then reveal duplicates when it was time to make good. All this for a .25 mint? Why waste your money on a team this incompetent?” said night, a Discord member.

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