PROOF Collective Releases Internal Meeting About Its Roadmap

PROOF Collective Releases Internal Meeting About Its Roadmap

Kevin Rose tweeted out a link to PROOF Collective's recent internal team meeting about its goals and roadmap moving forward. 

"We're trying an experiment, going for a little more transparency," Rose wrote. "Here is one of our internal meetings (employee faces blurred) discussing our upcoming roadmap."

The nearly 20-minute video is unlisted on YouTube and shows Rose talking his team through their mission statement and upcoming roadmap items.

"One of the things I really love that sets us apart from a lot of the other organizations out there is the celebration and elevation of all artists that are out there," Rose says during the meeting. "So, if we can be this neutral platform that plays well with all of these communities, I think that puts us in a really powerful position."

But the meeting wasn't all high praise.

Rose constructively criticized his company for not all being on the same page with its product roadmap. He credits three major factors with holding back PROOF Collective:

1. Things are changing and evolving in real time, which is hard to keep up with.

2. Conversations are happening between different groups of people and not everyone is on the same page.

3. The team doesn't have product managers to fully document the individual products.

At the end of the video, Rose talked about Project Highrise. The text is blurred out, and the video cuts out when the team is talking about the phases. That conversation starts at 18:40.

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