PROOF Holders: Claim Your Conference Tickets

PROOF Holders: Claim Your Conference Tickets
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Starting today, PROOF Collective holders can punch their tickets to Proof of Conference 2023, the project's annual conference event. This year's conference will take place in Downtown Los Angeles on May 11-13.

❗ Why it Matters

There are 4,000 total tickets available. PROOF Collective holders get the first opportunity to claim, starting today. Moonbirds and Oddities holders will have the opportunity to purchase tickets over the next two days before a general sale begins on February 2.

🔍 The Deets

  • Tickets are free to claim for PROOF Collective holders. Moonbird and Oddities holders can purchase tickets for the reduced price of 0.75 ETH, while general admission costs 1.5 ETH.
  • "Approximately 50" tickets will be randomly selected for VIP upgrades.
  • Ticket NFTs will be delivered on April 1, and holders will be able to trade their tickets at that time.

🧠 Need to Know

  • The event will feature an opening night concert, product updates, art installations, live minting events, and big names like Beeple, Alexis Ohanian, Snowfro, Greg Solano, Gary Vaynerchuk, gmoney and more.

⚡ Take Action

  • PROOF Collective holders can claim one free ticket per pass held beginning at 11:00 AM ET today here.
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