QQL Blocks Selling on X2Y2

QQL Blocks Selling on X2Y2
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QQL, the recent mint pass from Fidenza artist Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion, has blocked the selling of its NFTs on X2Y2 according to a recent Discord post.

When citing the reasoning for blocking X2Y2 Dandelion said "we're blocking the X2Y2 contract due to its royalty evasion." X2Y2 is a marketplace aggregator many NFT participants use to sell NFTs due to its lower royalty fees.

Also posted was the GitHub link to the code implemented to block QQL sales on X2Y2's contract.

This update follows QQL selling out its total supply of 900 mint passes earlier this afternoon with the Dutch Auction ending at a final price of 14.00 ETH. The sale brought in more than 12,500.

For more information on QQL, check out Lucky Trader's breakdown of the project.

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