X2Y2 Responds to QQL Block

X2Y2 Responds to QQL Block
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X2Y2 implored Tyler Hobbs to "find a solution" Thursday after the Fidenza creator blocked the marketplace from transacting with Hobbs' new collection.

The marketplace tweeted about QQL — co-founded by Hobbs and @dandelion_wist — and its decision to restrict its site based on Wist's statement in Discord that X2Y2 participates in "royalty evasion." The QQL Mint Pass floor price is 19.98 ETH.

"First of all, X2Y2 is NOT a 0% royalty marketplace," X2Y2 tweeted. "Creators can set up their royalty on X2Y2. In this particular case, QQL didn’t even set up their royalty on X2Y2."

X2Y2 said that after making the change to allow users to set their own royalties, around 98 percent have chosen to list with some form of royalty.

"'Code is law,' and QQL has made its own law. When someone else can decide where you can transfer your NFT, you are not the real owners anymore. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is exactly what happens in the music industry - you don’t own the mp3s lying on your hard drive," X2Y2 tweeted.

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