Archipelago Marketplace to Shut Down

Archipelago Marketplace to Shut Down
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Archipelago, the website and generative art marketplace whose founder partnered on Tyler Hobbs' QQL mint pass auction, is shutting down Dec. 10, according to a message on the site.

Reasons for the shuttering weren't given by site creator and QQL co-founder @dandelion_wist. Last month, Dandelion put out a tweet thread about transferring QQL seeds (outputs of Hobbs' algorithm only mintable by those with QQL mint passes) and said Archipelago was "actively building" a seed marketplace.

This morning, Dandelion responded to a user concerned about the marketplace plans saying that the "seed market will still happen, just on a super chilled-out timeline."

The QQL Mint Pass, created by Fidenza founder Hobbs, sold out 900 editions in Dutch auction format with a resting price of about 14 ETH back in September. The sale raised more than $16.7 million for Hobbs and Dandelion.

After the announcement, Dandelion purchased Fidenza No. 607 on the Archipelago marketplace for 500 ETH (about $585,000).

The website directs users to, an NFT analytics platform for generative art.

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