Popular Street Artist Alec Monopoly Enters NFT Space With Sold Out Mint

Popular Street Artist Alec Monopoly Enters NFT Space With Sold Out Mint
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Alec Monopoly, a New York-based street artist known for his use of the iconic Parker Brothers' board game character Mr. Monopoly, officially entered the NFT space with the mint of his "RAGS to RICHIE" collection.

RAGS to RICHIE sold out an hour ago and is currently available on OpenSea's secondary marketplace, where it has completed more than 300 ETH in sales over the last 24 hours.

The current floor price for the collection is 0.92 ETH, or close to $1,500, which is up 116 percent in the last 24 hours, according to Lucky Trader's Project Rankings.

Each of the 3,333 total RAGS to RICHIE NFTs, none of which have been revealed yet, are hand-drawn by Alec Monopoly. 

"Alec Monopoly is bringing his universe to the metaverse," his project's website reads. "Known for his colorful designs and popular characters, Alec has been hard at work preparing this collection for the last months. Entirely hand-drawn, RAGS to RICHIE will showcase the character Richie, a symbol of a strong work ethic leading to a high-end lifestyle."

For those concerned about potential copyright issues, Alec Monopoly claims to have full ownership of all the characters used in this collection.

"Alec owns the full copyright of all his works and characters, giving him total creative freedom to explore all the possibilities of the universe he's creating," the website reads. "This will allow him to fully experiment new ideas and web3 projects. There are no limits for Alec Monopoly."

'The Future Lies in Web3' for Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly has gained notoriety in major crypto-friendly cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and even Hong Kong, where his street art murals are on display. And it seems his career in the web3 space is just getting started.

"Alec has quickly become aware of the importance of what's been created today in the NFT space," the website continues. "He is well surrounded by NFT experts and web3 creators, and is now an enthusiastic NFT collector himself. For Alec Monopoly, the future lies in web3."

The team for RAGS to RICHIE consists of Alec Monopoly himself (artist), Avery Andon (manager), Mr. Dollar Stack (CTO), Mr. Penny Bags (community), Miss Penny Money (community), and Rich Man Nico (partnerships).

The team plans on delivering up to $1 million in physical artwork giveaways, limited edition merchandise and clothing, a post-mint part with Alec Monopoly, metaverse events and a digital art gallery, physical collectible rewards, a P2E game, a winter party with Alec Monopoly, and Christmas surprises.

To learn more about the team and the RAGS to RICHIE NFT collection, visit the official website here.

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