RECUR Hello Kitty 1/1 Auction Comes to a Close

RECUR Hello Kitty 1/1 Auction Comes to a Close

The 1/1 auctions for RECUR's Hello Kitty and Friends World came to a close today on OpenSea.

There were a total of five NFTs sold in the auction and below is a list of the prices the NFTs sold for.

  • Hello Kitty to the Moon!: 9.80 ETH
  • Pompompurin to the Moon!: 3.9805 ETH
  • Kuromi to the Moon!: 3.9876 ETH
  • My Melody to the Moon! 4.6608 ETH
  • Keroppi to the Moon!: 5.1035 ETH
  • Cinnamon Roll to the Moon!: 8.5957 ETH

The private sale for RECUR Pass holders will take place tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. ET with public sale for the collection set to go live tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. ET on the official Hello Kitty and Friends website.

Hello Kitty and Friends World is the third drop in the RECUR Pass ecosystem following its Nickelodeon and Care Bears NFTs.

For users who are keen to get in on the Hello Kitty and Friends World drop but do not have a RECUR Pass or a spot on the allowist already, RECUR has been running giveaways for the collection on its Twitter account. 

More about Recur Pass (ETH)

At the time of publish, the Recur Pass (ETH) floor price sits at 0.033 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 0 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, no sharp wallets have bought or sold NFTs in the the Recur Pass (ETH) collection. Catch up on other recent Recur Pass (ETH) news here.

Recent Recur Pass (ETH) Sales

#32961sold at 12/08 7:12am for
#17331sold at 12/08 7:12am for
#31802sold at 12/07 9:12pm for
#41109sold at 12/07 9:12pm for
#55010sold at 12/07 8:12pm for

Recent Recur Pass (ETH) Listings

#32961listed at 12/08 5:12am for
#32961listed at 12/08 5:12am for
#17331listed at 12/08 5:12am for
#17331listed at 12/08 5:12am for
#20586listed at 12/08 3:12am for
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