DirtyRobot Takes Over RENGA Helm

DirtyRobot Takes Over RENGA Helm
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DirtyRobot, the mastermind behind RENGA, severs ties with former CEO Tails, assuming control of RENGA Inc, according to a message shared in the RENGA Discord. 

The Deets

  • RENGA plagued with internal alignment issues
  • DirtyRobot steps up as CEO, reclaiming control over RENGA's future
  • Aims for a transparent, community-focused operation
  • Uncle Ben will assist DirtyRobot in steering the ship

The Bulk

RENGA is undergoing major internal shifts. DirtyRobot, the creative force behind RENGA, announced his decision to part ways with the former CEO, Tails, amid concerns of misalignment within the team. This step is taken to address the issues hampering the project's progress.

In a heartfelt message to the community, DirtyRobot expressed his gratitude for their unwavering support, acknowledging that RENGA wouldn't be where it is without them. He further communicated his discomfort in placing his destiny in someone else's hands, thereby deciding to assume the role of CEO of RENGA Inc.

In this new role, DirtyRobot is focused on reinstating the core values of RENGA, ensuring its true essence is maintained while also working on rebuilding the business foundation. Transparency and inclusivity, for both team members and the community, are emphasized in this new era for RENGA.

Assisting DirtyRobot in this new journey is Uncle Ben, who will play a key role in ensuring things run smoothly, keeping the focus on community and quality art.

🎤 Founder's Feedback

I can't live another day with my destiny in someone else's control. The time has come for me to lead the Vision and core values of RENGA, keeping it pure and true to what I believe in as an artist.DirtyRobot

📊 By the Numbers

The news comes on the heels of the RENGA x Haas collection sellout. Since minting yesterday for 0.088 ETH the collection is up to a 0.134 ETH floor. 

🔜 What's Next?

Under DirtyRobot's leadership, RENGA is set to undergo changes that aim to fortify its connection with the community and emphasize the art's quality. 

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