Update: RTFKT Ships Solution for Global Cryptokicks Buyers

Update: RTFKT Ships Solution for Global Cryptokicks Buyers
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RTFKT released shipping options for non-U.S. holders of Lace Engine NFTs after several holders were disappointed they weren't able to easily access the upcoming sale of Cryptokicks iRL, co-founder Zaptio said Tuesday.

"Thanks for all the feedback yesterday," Zaptio said. "We have been working on solutions and have a way to help Non US Lace Engine holders."

The project is creating a RTFKT Interdimensional HUB service, allowing Lace Engine holders to mint a Hubbed Cryptokicks iRL NFT if they don't have a U.S. address. From there, users will have until May 1 to figure out shipping from a U.S. address.

The RTFKT founders responded to criticism Monday and Tuesday after the project unveiled its latest NFT — a pair of IRL smart sneakers — currently available only to users with U.S. shipping addresses.

Others were annoyed after fellow co-founder @benitopagotto tweeted in one reply to a concerned French holder who asked about how the new shoes would be shipped to Paris

"Faut un pote aux US," said Benito, which means "Need a friend in the U.S."

The Lace Engine NFT allows holders early access to the Cryptokicks iRL mint, allowing them to skip the need for a public raffle as well as receiving a discount of about $130 to $333 on each sneaker, which include a host of futuristic features including auto-lacing and app connectivity. To qualify for the mint, users need an RTFKT account and a U.S. shipping address.

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