Earn SAND Token for Completing Sandbox Quests With These Avatars

Earn SAND Token for Completing Sandbox Quests With These Avatars
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The Sandbox is now offering exclusive access to token-gated events and token rewards for select avatar NFT holders in Alpha Season 3, according to a recent announcement.

"Avatar collection holders are special citizens of the metaverse," the announcement reads. "As such, The Sandbox is opening up exclusive access and rewards for the holders of seven [NFT] collections."

The collections include: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Snoop Dogg (The Doggies Avatars), Steve Aoki, World of Women, World of Women Galaxy, The People of Crypto, and Clone X (X Takashi Murakami Avatars).

There will be seven total experiences open with one week of exclusive access for avatar owners, according to the team's post. Participants must complete at least one quest in the experience to be eligible for SAND rewards, The Sandbox's native utility token.

After the early access week, the experience will open to all Sandbox users, but they will not earn SAND rewards.

The event schedule is as follows:

  • Steve Aoki (Sep. 11-18)
    • 60 SAND per user reward
  • People of Crypto (Sep. 22-29)
    • 200,000 SAND total reward
  • Clone X (Sep. 27 to Oct. 4)
    • 10 SAND per user reward
  • World of Women (Oct. 8-15)
    • X2 reward
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club (Oct. 15-22)
    • 20 SAND per user reward
  • Snoop Dogg (Oct. 23-30)
    • 20 SAND per user reward
  • World of Women Galaxy (Oct. 27 to Nov. 1)
    • 20 SAND per user reward

For more information about the upcoming events and challenges, see The Sandbox's announcement here.

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