Sandbox Launching Cinerama LAND Sale

Sandbox Launching Cinerama LAND Sale
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The Sandbox announced a Cinerama LAND Sale, offering Sandbox Metaverse LAND owners a unique cinematic creation opportunity in partnership with top film brands.

The Deets

  • Exciting Opportunity: Owners can create immersive movie-themed spaces.
  • Diverse Options: 414 Regular and 73 Premium LANDs available.
  • Estate Auctions: Six Estates, contiguous LAND parcels, up for auction.
  • Partnerships Galore: Collaboration with industry giants like Lionsgate, Skydance, and more.

The Bulk

The Sandbox, a leading player in the decentralized virtual world, has just elevated its game with the announcement of the Cinerama LAND Sale. This initiative offers LAND owners the chance to develop their own film-inspired universes, marking a significant step in blending entertainment with virtual reality.

The sale presents a wide array of options for participants, including 414 Regular LANDs and 73 Premium LANDs. Moreover, the auction of six Estates provides an even broader opportunity for prospective buyers to establish their presence in this movie-themed neighborhood.

Partnerships with renowned brands such as Lionsgate, Skydance, The Walking Dead, and more add to the allure, ensuring that the Cinerama LAND Sale is more than just a real estate purchase; it's an entry into a collaborative hub of cinematic creativity and innovation.

🎤 Founder Feedback

Cinerama LAND Sale is more than just acquiring virtual land; it's about creating a community of cinematic creators and enthusiasts, changing the landscape of digital storytelling.Arthur Madrid, CEO, The Sandbox

🎬 Take Action

For those interested in the Cinerama LAND Sale, the raffle for sign up is open until Nov. 21. 

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