The Sandbox Kicks Off May Festival With Prizes and Experiences

The Sandbox Kicks Off May Festival With Prizes and Experiences
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The Sandbox is hosting its May Festival, featuring a mix of new and fan-favorite experiences, plus lucrative rewards for participants.

The Deets

  • May Festival launched on May 11 with over 800 quests across 74 experiences, ends on June 12.
  • Rewards for LAND and Avatar owners include exclusive prize pools totaling 700,000 $SAND.
  • Players can earn memorabilia, mystery boxes, and coveted NFTs.
  • Events dedicated to past and new avatar collections, like Rabbids, Hell’s Kitchen, Madballs, and Paris Hilton, each come with their own $SAND prize pools.

The Bulk

The Sandbox's May Festival is a celebration of the old and the new. Alongside new experiences for players to enjoy, the festival is bringing back popular games from 2022 and 2023, allowing players to revisit old quests and challenges with newfound skills and abilities.

To increase the excitement, The Sandbox has announced a variety of rewards for participants. LAND and Avatar owners who complete 200 quests can earn from exclusive prize pools, with 350,000 $SAND reserved for each category.

The May Festival also includes a challenge open to all, with rewards like memorabilia, mystery boxes, and special NFTs. The mystery boxes could contain premium Land, packs of $SAND, or a unique NFT, giving players more reasons to join in the festival fun.

❗Why It Matters

The Sandbox's May Festival not only provides players with exciting experiences and rewards but also introduces a unique value proposition for LAND holders. By creating exclusive prize pools for LAND owners, The Sandbox is incentivizing LAND ownership and enhancing its utility within the metaverse.

📊 By the Numbers

The rewards pool includes a total of 1 million $SAND, approximately $500,000. 

🎬 Take Action 

Those interested in participating in the May Festival can do so here

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