Sorare Adds Club Badges

Sorare Adds Club Badges
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Sorare introduced a new feature allowing fans to sport their favorite club's badges, unlocked through successful collection scoring in the latest season albums.

The Deets

  • Free club badges are tied to the current season's collection albums of licensed clubs.
  • A change in the album score, new season card releases, or failure to meet threshold requirements results in the removal of the club badge from the Club Shop.
  • Equipped badges remain intact, even if eligibility changes. However, unequipped badges cannot be re-equipped if requirements aren't met.
  • Sorare advises collectors to watch their Club Shop for incoming badges.

The Bulk

Sorare just rolled out a new feature that lets fans wear their favorite club's badges with pride. The badges can be unlocked by achieving a specific collection score threshold in the latest season album of a licensed club.

However, it's essential to note that these free club badges are only available for unlocking through the current season's collection albums of a licensed club. If your collection album score changes and you no longer meet the threshold requirements, or if new season cards for that club are released, the club badge will be removed from your Club Shop.

Despite these potential changes, any equipped club badges will remain as is. But beware, once unequipped, you cannot re-equip the badge if you no longer meet the requirements for that particular club badge.

This move is set to inspire engagement and competition amongst collectors, with Sorare advising their top collectors to keep an eye on their Club Shop, as the badges are on the way!

🔜What's Next?

With badges on the horizon, collectors are encouraged to stay active, improve their collection scores, and watch out for their Club Shop updates.

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