Sorare Announces NBA Upgrades

Sorare Announces NBA Upgrades
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Sorare announced the commencement of its NBA season with Game Week 1 starting on Oct. 17, followed by the NBA season tip-off.

The Deets

  • Game Week 1 of Sorare NBA season begins Oct. 17.
  • Cash rewards to be introduced in select Sorare NBA competitions. 
  • Managers can soon utilize USD-based credit.
  • Modifying card supplies to protect scarcity. 

The Bulk

Sorare declared the start of its NBA season with Game Week 1 set to begin on Oct. 17 and provided a handful of other updates about its upcoming season, including the introduction of cash rewards for certain NBA competitions. In addition to the cash competitions, users can also use USD-based credit to make purchases, providing a boost to the ease of onboarding and portfolio building process. 

Perhaps most notably, Sorare is also changing the supply numbers for its Rare, Limited, and Super Rare cards. Each will be cut dramatically, to the following quantities: 

  • Limited: 1,000, down from 5,000
  • Rare: 100, down from 1,000 
  • Super Rare: 10, down from 100 

Lastly, the company announced a handful of smaller updates, including the upcoming release of a Club Shop for reward redemption and a collector based game as well. 

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๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

Sorare players should keep a close watch for additional updates and features, particularly related to the Club Shop, which will be announced in the upcoming weeks. 

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