Sorare Introduces National Series Collections for New Global Cup Game

Sorare Introduces National Series Collections for New Global Cup Game
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Sorare is launching National Series Collections for its upcoming Sorare Global Cup '22 game, the first-ever Sorare collectible challenge, according to a recent Medium article from the team.

National Series cards are special edition digital cards, or NFTs, created only and exclusively for the Global Cup. These cards will never be auctioned or reissued; they can only be won in the Global Cup challenge, purchased on the Manager Sales Marketplace, or traded for via direct offers with other Sorare managers.

In the Global Cup, managers own global football cards and use them to assemble full national team rosters. The game is intended to enhance the collectibility of cards and offer new features to collectors.

Rules, eligibility, and gameplay for the Global Cup are as follows:

  • Managers are challenged to complete collections for each of Sorare’s 16 national team partners. The number of cards per team collection varies based on team partnerships.
  • Only National Series cards count toward your collection. Club cards do not count.
  • The first National Series cards go out as part of Matchday 1 rewards on Friday, Nov. 25.
  • National Series cards will have a random serial number from 1 to 2,022 — and come in four different colors — to add another dimension to the collecting experience.
    • Diamond from 1/2,022 to 25/2,022; Gold from 26/2,022 to 125/2,022; Silver from 126/2,022 to 625/2,022; and Bronze from 626/2022 to 2,022/2,022
  • There is no deadline for completing collections.
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