Sorare Launches ManagerID

Sorare Launches ManagerID
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Sorare launched Manager ID, a new feature allowing players to showcase their journey and achievements in a personalized way.

The Deets

  • Club Badge: A key element of your Manager ID, visible in all interactions.
  • Stadiums: Replacing Banners, Stadiums symbolize your journey and are unlockable through various means.
  • Accomplishment Badges: Three slots to showcase achievements and milestones.
  • Top Stats: Display your top 3 stats as a Manager, including cards owned and total collection score.

The Bulk

Sorare is introducing a new feature for its users: the Manager ID. This concept allows players to express their unique persona in the game through various customizable components.

At the heart of the Manager ID is the Club Badge, which is prominently displayed and can be earned or purchased. The Stadium, a new addition, serves as a backdrop, symbolizing the player's journey and achievements. These Stadiums can be unlocked through the Collection Game, level advancements, or purchases, and are set to replace the existing Banners.

In a move to honor early supporters, those who owned Banners will receive an exclusive Stadium. Furthermore, the Manager ID includes three slots for Accomplishment Badges, allowing players to showcase their engagement and milestones. The platform also emphasizes the player's top statistics, including cards owned, cards won, and total collection score, to highlight their status as a top Manager.

🎬 Take Action

To experience the new Manager ID, start by logging into your Sorare account. Explore the new features, customize your Manager ID, and begin your journey towards becoming a Sorare legend.

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