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STEPN Proposes Changes to Game Economy

STEPN announced a number of updates addressing the game's economy in a Medium article posted early this morning, around 3:45 a.m., ET. The team identified a number of problems with the current economy and proposed solutions to each:

  •  Cross-realm energy bridge: Moving forward, each new realm introduced will allow a maximum of 3 energy to be gained through other existing realms. Additionally, each existing realm that a holder owns a sneaker in will provide 1 additional energy in the new realm.
  • "The no-exercising pure mint-and-sell activities": The team intends for players who "actually use the app" to have the best chance of obtaining minting scrolls. To address this, STEPN will rework the Mystery Box system by increasing the cooldown duration of minting and "slightly increasaing" the cost of minting.
  • To address the dynamic cost of minting as the price of STEPN's tokens fluctuate, the team has introduced a new formula to set the minting price.
  • Finally, the team has come up with a new plan for synthesizing lower-tier sneakers into a sneaker of a higher quality.


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