STEPN's September Step Challenge Begins Today

STEPN's September Step Challenge Begins Today
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STEPN's newest step challenge starts today, Sep. 9, and ends on Sep. 15. The new challenge, aptly named STEPNEMBER, challenges participants to move 12,000 steps in a day.

"Did you know if you move 12,000 steps in a day you can avoid creating nearly 10 pounds of CO2 in vehicle emissions?," the team posted on Twitter. "Show us how you took our 12,000 steps challenge."

To join the challenge, follow STEPN on Twitter and Instagram, post a video on either social media platform with the hashtags #STEPN, #STEPNEMBER, and @STEPN12000, and tag STEPN in the post.

The entries are judged on three main criteria: the quality of the video (clear, well-taken, well-lit), the quality of the content (fun, engaging, relevant), and the post's engagement rate (retweets, shares, likes).

There are rewards for each of the four challenges throughout the week. The top 20 entries for each challenge will receive 1,000 GMT, STEPN's native utility token. There is an additional grand prize of 20,000 GMT to whoever wins all four challenges. The total prize pool is 100,000 GMT.

This new challenge is part of STEPN's overall commitment to revolutionize health and wellness, social connectedness, environmental responsibility, financial freedom, and the bridge between web2 and web3.

"The problem is that everyone knows that exercise is good for you, and everyone wants to exercise more, but actually implementing and maintaining a consistent workout habit is easier said than done," the team wrote on its official Medium blog. "In the age of screens and instant gratification, it’s harder than ever to overcome the inertia of getting outside."

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