Steve Aoki Partners With STEPN

Steve Aoki Partners With STEPN
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Steve Aoki is collaborating with STEPN to launch a limited edition Genesis Sneaker on the Solana blockchain.

The Deets

  • Duration of Raffle: From October 31, 00:00 am UTC to November 3, 11:59pm UTC
  • Prizes: 240 limited edition Genesis Sneakers
  • Entry Fee: 3500 $GMT per sneaker (denominated in SOL) • Designs: Four distinct sneaker designs available
  • Raffle Mechanics: Daily raffles throughout the event
  • More Info: Raffle details on

The Bulk

Fans and sneaker enthusiasts stand a chance to win one of the 240 limited edition co-branded Genesis Sneakers, which have been specially designed for this event and collaboration between Steve Aoki and STEPN. 

The raffle runs over a span of four days, starting today and ending on Nov. 3. Interested participants can grab these sneakers by entering the raffle, which requires a fee of 3500 $GMT for each sneaker.

Four unique sneaker designs, each embodying the essence of Steve Aoki and STEPN, have been crafted for enthusiasts. The raffles will be conducted on a daily basis, ensuring that participants have multiple chances to secure these exclusive sneakers.

As for the specifics, all deposited $GMT will remain locked in until the conclusion of the event. Withdrawals are only possible after the raffle concludes. Winners can locate and claim their prized Genesis Sneakers on the MOOAR dashboard.

🎤 Founder Feedback

Thrilled to announce our partnership with Steve Aoki. This raffle symbolizes the synergy between music and blockchain, bringing together fans from both worlds.STEPN

🎬Take Action

For those eager to be a part of this raffle, mark your calendars and head over to for the details. 

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