1-Up Potions Coming to the littles NFT Holders in DreamSpace

1-Up Potions Coming to the littles NFT Holders in DreamSpace
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NFT project the littles is allowing holders to claim 1-up potions, but only from its upcoming DreamSpace platform, according to a recent tweet from the team.

"1-up your little gens to little frens," the video attached to the tweet reads. "Claims yours in the DreamSpace."

The video also shows five potions, each referencing a popular NFT project that the littles has collaborated with in the past, including Cool Cats, Kaiju Kingz, and others. 

DreamSpace is part of the littles plan to build out a collection of mini games and eventually "the Mario of web3." It is scheduled to open tomorrow, Aug. 15, following the littles holders "saving Playside."

"As a result of all the littles dreams being so bright and re-energizing Playside," a tweet from Aug. 12 reads, "the littles have decided to build DreamSpace to forever harness the power of dreams and strengthen the power of Sprinklez."

More information is expected tomorrow when DreamSpace launches. 

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