Memeland Makes Changes to Waitlist System

Memeland Makes Changes to Waitlist System
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Memeland made a few user experience changes to the Waitlist system for its upcoming Captainz mint, as described in a tweet from the project

Firstly, the project has removed the ability to enter a Waitlist code for wallets that are already holding Potatoz NFTs, citing "the Waitlist is for friends, not self use." 

Additionally, the project added clarifications to the code redemption section, which now showcases the status of the Waitlist codes one has to offer. 

Memeland also urged users to proceed with extreme caution when attempting to redeem Waitlist codes. The redemption process does not require any security or seed phrase, and will not ask you to commit any transactions. The message comes after a series of bad actors have attempted to gain private keys from unsuspecting users

The team most recently announced that the Captainz mint would take place on Jan. 4, though some details remain outstanding. 

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