Memeland: Questing Is Live

Memeland: Questing Is Live
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Memeland announced it is launching a V1 of its Questing feature, and Stage 1 of its Captainz reveal in a tweet this afternoon.

❗ Why it Matters

"Questing" is a staking mechanism that will allow holders to win prizes. Captainz holders can remove the cloth from their Chest to find out what "type" of Captainz they hold (e.g. Human, Shark, etc.).

🧠 Need to Know

  • Stage 1 of the Captainz reveal is live: find out what type of Chest you have.
  • Holders can form a "pirate crew" made up of Captainz and Potatoz to earn Treasure Mapz via Questing.
  • There are certain boosts that can be added based on the composition of the pirate crew. Learn more here.
  • Coming soon in Questing V2 will be Potatoz Questing, MVP boosts "and other upgrades."
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