Memeland Teases "Stake-To-Win" Feature for Potatoz

Memeland Teases "Stake-To-Win" Feature for Potatoz
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Memeland, the creators of The Potatoz NFT project, teased the release of an upcoming "stake-to-win" feature in an early morning tweet today. The tweet asks for naming suggestions for the feature, noting that the team currently views "planting" as the best choice. Memeland will award one Potatoz NFT to the person who makes the winning suggestion.

This staking update comes one day after Memeland tweeted out an "evolution chart" for the project, which showed a sprout evolving into a character, which further evolves into a final unknown form.

Potatoz have thus far been able to shrug off any sign of a post-reveal dump after the project revealed yesterday afternoon. On the contrary, the project's floor price is up 36 percent to 0.8 ETH as of this morning after sitting in the 0.5-0.6 ETH range pre-reveal. 

Despite dropping only two days ago, Potatoz currently ranks third in weekly volume across all Ethereum-based NFT projects, trailing only CryptoPunks and Otherdeed for Otherside.

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