Potatoz Rising After Staking System Announcement

Potatoz Rising After Staking System Announcement
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The Potatoz collection, from Memeland, is up 100 percent following a thread from Memeland founder @9gagceo detailing an upcoming staking system for the NFT.

The founder of the Hong Kong-based social media site said the project will soon be launching a "stake-to-win" system for holders of Potatoz. The system awards holders weekly raffle tickets and will also "roll into everything we build in the @Memeland ecosystem."

"We are building @Memeland differently," said 9gagceo. "Instead of seeing every holder as equal, we want to reward loyalty, trust, and patience. We want our long-term holders and true believers to get the biggest slice of the cake. If you have believed in us since day one, you should get more than someone who just purchased the day before. This is how I want a community to be built. This is the way."

The floor price on Potatoz rose from 0.69 to 1.389 ETH amid the news. 

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