Scammers Are Trying To Utilize The Saudis NFT Giveaway

Scammers Are Trying To Utilize The Saudis NFT Giveaway
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Yesterday, The Saudis claimed a "hacker" was manipulating the floor price of the project and blocked the users ability to sell their NFTs.

The project has since acquired those NFTs and is using PREMINT to give them away to users.

This has seemingly caused scammers to try and take advantage of hopeful giveaway winners.

The scammers have been tagging users in tweets that claim they were selected to receive their free NFT and then prompt them to go to a fake site that will then drain their assets upon approval. 

Users who signed up for the giveaway on PREMINT should ignore any tweets claiming they won and only use the link to the official giveaway to validate if they were selected. 


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