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Toy Boogers Announces Free Mint for Holders

Toy Boogers will launch a new generative NFT project, the Toy Stash collection, which features the project's beloved hamster character named Stash.

All Toy Boogers and Kitbash Boogers holders will be rewarded one free Toy Stash NFT per NFT they own. This will be 40 percent of the entire Toy Stash collection, which will be 11,111 total NFTs.

Holders will also have special presale access for additional Toy Stash NFTs during the mint.

Stash is the mastermind behind the teleportation machine's malfunction in the original Toy Boogers backstory, according to a recent lore update. 

"Stash is the mastermind behind what has been happening in the Toy Boogers universe and his plan continues to unfold," the newly-released article reads.

Stash's mischevious adventures continue.

"This time he rigged his hamster wheel onto the metaverse teleportation machine and activated it while running as fast as he could on the hamster wheel," the lore continues. "This let him go through the teleportation vortex thousands of times while the machine was activated."

The new versions of Stash can be seen in this new NFT collection.

The target drop date is sometime in late summer.

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