Treeverse Highlights Art, Engineering, and Game Design in New Monthly Report

Treeverse Highlights Art, Engineering, and Game Design in New Monthly Report
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Treeverse released its monthly update today, which highlights its concept art, engineering, and game design updates.

Concept Art

For concept art, the team highlighted three overarching goals. First, Treeverse wants the world to be pleasant to stay in. Second, it wants the visuals to be informed to the story. And last, the designs should service the gameplay.

"For the month of June, the art team had been working hard to prepare for the upcoming reveal of some of the dungeon level and combat gameplay," the project's Art Director said. "We are using everything we have developed so far to try to create a small representation of what the game might look like when finished."


The engineering team provided three major updates. First, the team continued to work through the authoring layer, or a way to make use of Unity's drag and drop mechanisms. Second, the team built tools to improve the workflow of creating monsters and abilities. Finally, the team revamped the combat layer. It is now more powerful and modular.

Game Design

The game design team started testing combat play this month, including single-player PvE, multiplayer PvE, and multiplayer PvP. It also started designing the tempo of its dungeon raid for a positive mobile user experience.

"After finalizing our combat experience and minimal combat loop from last month, the month of June was to dive deeper into the combat systems," said one of Treeverse's producers. "We designed the framework of our active and passive ability system."


The team is currently hiring a 3D artist, animator, systems designer, level designer, combat designer, C# unity developer, lead engineer, and environment artist.

Future Plans

The team plans on releasing a private pre-alpha release to get feedback on its combat system. It will also relocate its Taiwan team to a larger office space in January 2023.

In July, the team is scheduled to work on the unification of its artwork and the combat system.

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