Justin Aversano Announces Bitcoin NFT Collection

Justin Aversano Announces Bitcoin NFT Collection
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Justin Aversano will be dropping a photography NFT collection on Bitcoin tomorrow, the Twin Flames artist announced today.

❗Why It Matters

Bitcoin NFTs have been all the rage lately as Ordinals have risen in popularity, and several Ethereum-based projects have hinted at BTC crossovers this week. Aversano will be among the first prominent artists to drop a new collection on the chain with tomorrow's drop.

🧠 Need to Know

  • The collection will be called "Colin in the Car," and it will be the first "established photography project on the Bitcoin network."
  • An allowlist will be comprised of holders of Aversano's previous works. The collection size is 250.
  • The mint price is set for 0.2 BTC, roughly $4,300 based on current market prices.

🚗 The Deets

  • Aversano's Twin Flames collection was the first ever photography collection on Ethereum, and Colin in the Car will be the first photography collection on Bitcoin.
  • Colin in the Car is a call-back to Aversano's early days as a street photographer.
  • In a Discord announcement about his new project, Aversano mentions he is "beyond excited" to bring his work to Bitcoin, as it offers "an unprecedented level of security and permanence" for his art.

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